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Providence is the most populous & capital city of Rhode Island in the United States. Most recognized Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design is situated in the city. Nearly 162,956 of the population is there with a 26% poverty rate. Moreover, the job extension rate (1.5%) is also lower than the national average rate and is predicted to be lower (28.6%) even after 10 years. It’s one of those cities of the nation, which had started industrialization of textile production, accessories, silverware, and jewelry. Moreover, it’s a perfect tourist attraction for travelers.


Moving to the financial support that the city provides to its citizens is loans, apart from traditional bank loans, there are small-dollar loans as well for people with bad credit history – Payday loans. It’s a kind of cash advance until your next paycheck, but of course, all these amenities wouldn’t be free, so it is an expensive form of help that charge around 261% of APR. As per the rules, in Providence, the legal maximum amount for a loan is $500, for a payback time of at least 13 days. You can even re-finance your loan in case you feel difficult to refund on time, but only twice.

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