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Dayton is located in the Montgomery County in Ohio and is also its County Seat. A little bit of the city is also located in the Greene County. The total population of the city is around 140,000 and this makes it the sixth largest city in the State. The economy of the city is largely dependent on defense, aerospace and healthcare. The latter is responsible for employing about 32,000 people in the city. Healthcare sector is also responsible for contributing about $6.8 Billion to the local economy. It is also one of the reasons why Dayton is considered to the 3rd best city in the county in terms of healthcare. Aviation also plays a bit role in the local economy.


If banks have been rejecting your loan application don’t worry, the situation around payday loans have improved a lot in the previous two years. The new rules stipulate that lenders can only charge a maximum of 28% as APR and 60% as fees and interests. The minimum repayment term has also been increased to 91 days with the maximum being a year. But keep in mind two things, you can only borrow a maximum of $1,000 as payday loans and only if you don’t have debt more than $2,500.

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