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Bryan is located in the William County in Ohio and is also its county seat. It had a total population of around 8,500 back in 2010. The city itself is located about 50 miles southwest of Toledo. There are some big companies which are present in the city and they have a huge role in the local economy. The headquarters of Spangler Candy Company and Ohio Art company are present in the city. There is also a pharmaceutical manufacturing plant present in the city and Titan Tire corporation.


You don’t need to think about going out of the city to get a good deal on a payday loan, with the new legislation in place the situation has improved a lot. You get a maximum of 28% as APR and 60% as fees and interest. If you think about the repayment time you have anything between 91 days and a year to repay the loan. But one word of advice, don’t go asking for a loan if you have more than $2,500 in debt. Anyways you can’t take a payday loan for more than a thousand dollars. The situation before this was pretty bad with interest rates soaring near the 400% range.

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