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Brook Park is located in the Cuyahoga County in the State of Ohio. As of 2010 it had a total population of only 19,000. This city is considered a suburb of Cleveland and only got recognized as a city in 1960. The Government and Ford Motor company are the major employers in the city with the US Department of the Interior employing about 1600 people and Ford Motor Company employing 1600 as well. these figures were released by the annual report of 2017. There are some other small businesses as well which employ a significant number of people with the rest employed in Cleveland.

Brook park has the advantage of being situated in the State of Ohio and its citizens can take advantage of the new payday loan rules adopted in 2019. According to these nobody can charge more than 28% APR and 60% as interest and fees. You also get a minimum of 91 days to repay any amount and a maximum term of a year on any loan. But keep in mind one thing, if you have more than $2,500 as pending debt you won’t be eligible for a loan. The situation got borrowers has improved a lot over the last two years.

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