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Bowling Green is located in the Wood County in Ohio and is also the county seat. As of 2010 it had a population of 30,000 and the city is about 20 miles southwest from Toledo. Major contributor to the local economy is the presence of the Bowling Green State University and a few other major companies which provide most of the employment such as LifeFormations, a mechatronics company and Lubrizol which produces soap. The city started off with the oil boom in the late 19th century which was followed by a period of industrialization. Some of this old money can still be seen by the shops and houses built back in the day.


If you ever need to borrow some money for personal needs then don’t worry, with the new laws adopted by the State of Ohio, it couldn’t be a better time to take a small loan. Nobody can charge an APR higher than 28% with a limit on the fees and interest set to 60%. Any type of Payday Loan has also been capped to $1,000 and has to be repaid within a year and you will get a minimum of 91 days to repay any debt.

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