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The city of Athens is located in the Athens County of Ohio and is home to the Ohio University. It has an estimated population of about 20,000. There has been a shift in the overall economic situation in the city. Earlier the economy was powered by the brick making and coal extraction sectors. But with the depletion of coals and brick manufacturing shifting to other regions, education became the biggest driving factor. The local economy is driven by the university either through direct employment or businesses related to the tourism and student needs. There is also a rich history of music and arts which also forms a part of the economy.


With such a young population and because of college students there has always been a need for short term lending. This situation witnessed a boost after the 2019 legislation was passed. The new law put a cap on the borrowing amount to $1,000 while also putting a limit on fees to 60%. The APR was also capped to 28%. Another great thing about the new law was that the minimum repayment period was set to 91 days and maximum term to a year. This has been very beneficial to the students who might need loans for emergencies or personal needs.

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