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Ashtabula is located in the Ashtabula County of Ohio with a total population of 18,000. This number has witnessed a decline since the last census. This has been due to the decline in opportunities in the city. Ashtabula used to be a major coal exporting center and also an important port for transportation of raw materials. It had an advantage because of its geographical location as it was located on the mouth of the Ashtabula river near Lake Erie. It is nearby the border of Canada and was historically used by the slave population as a means to escape to Canada for freedom. The intense use of coal and the lake in the 20th century had a huge environmental impact and recently the lower demand of coal has resulted in a declining economic health of the city.

With the loss of jobs, there was a demand for emergency short term loans and the situation has become much better with the new laws being passed in Ohio. According to which you can only borrow up to $1,000 with a maximum fee of 60% and APR capped at 28%. You can also borrow only for a maximum of 1 year period and minimum term of 91 days.

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