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Amelia is a very interesting town to say the least, or should I say was. There was a proposed 1% tax to be imposed on the citizens of the town/village for the maintenance of a nearby highway. After this tax law was imposed, the citizens voted to dissolve the village into two townships, Pierce and Batavia. The total population before being dissolved was around 4,800 and was located in the Clermont County. Although it was a village or a town, the estimated population around the time of dissolvement was above 5000 after which it should have been incorporated as a city.

Although the economy of the village was pretty much self-sustaining without the presence of any large industries, it could only reap the benefits of the new payday loan laws for a couple of months before being dissolved. Although both the subsequent townships can still make use of the updated laws. According to which you can only borrow a maximum of $1,000 as payday loans and the APR can only be about 28%. The maximum time period for which you can borrow is about a. year with the minimum repayment time being 91 days. There is also a cap on the interest and fees on the original amount and it is set around 60%.

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