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Akron is a medium sized city located in Ohio and is considered to be the 5th largest city in the state, it comes under the Summit County and can be reached by an hour’s drive from Cleveland. It comes on the 125th place in terms of size in the US and has a population of about 197,000 as of 2019. One interesting fact about this city is its nickname ‘rubber capital of the world’. It got this nickname because of the huge presence of tire and rubber manufacturing which also heavily influences the economy here to this date. Sectors like healthcare, education and biomedical research also a driving force behind the economy. It is also the hometown to lebron James. The major employment opportunity in the city is provided by the healthcare and rubber sector but there are attempts being made to diversify the economy 

If you are ever in the need for emergency money and banks are not a viable situation then you don’t need to worry. According the recent Ohio laws relating to payday loans the situation has become much better for the borrowers. The amount borrowed has been capped at a $1,000 and the fees and interest cannot exceed 60%. On top of this the APR has also been capped at 28% and any amount cannot be borrowed for more than a year.

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