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Stateline is a very small town in Nevada that is located next to California and the South-East shore of Lake Tahoe that is in Douglas County, NV, America. The city is famous for its 5 open casinos, among them, 4 are considered as resorts, and it’s the best attraction for fun-lovers. Currently, the population of this town is just 969, and these residents earn nearly $54,882 per annum. Still, there are around 12.03% of the population lives under the poverty line. In the recent year, if we see then there is an increase of 2.4% in job growth but still, it’s less than national rate, but hopefully, it would be 35.1% in following 10 years & that is predicted to be higher than US median.


As a dweller of Stateline, you can acquire financial help also but from the lenders who offer small-dollar loans in city. Payday loans – it can sort your things temporarily but the whole debt along with interest has to be paid in a single payment. And for this, the maximum loan term is 35 days as per the Nevada laws. You can even refinance your loan if you feel difficult to pay it on time, as it is allowed in Stateline. You can expect an APR of around 625% in the city.

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