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Reno is a city in Nevada that is just 22 miles away from Lake Tahoe and located near the border of California and Nevada, USA. Most interesting thing about Reno is its slogan “The Biggest Little City in the World”, it is known by this name as well. The city is very popular for its tourism & casino industry. Estimated, it’s the home city of around 260,258 people and among them, 14.4% live a hard life to struggle with their daily needs. Concerning the job growth rate, it is 4.6% last year which is higher than the US median rate. Moreover, as per the estimation, it will grow to be 51.1% after 10 years.

To provide financial support to the citizens, especially those who have no savings, Reno has great lending firms to provide payday loans to bad creditors that too without collateral. But of course, this risk will not be free, so they charge a huge amount, and here it is 625% on average. To borrow this, you must be 18 plus and a resident of this city, only then you can get amount up to 25% of monthly gross salary. Loan term is also fixed to 35 days maximum.

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