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Maine is the North-Eastern state of the United States of America and is known for its rocky coastline, areas full of nature such as Acadia National park, and nautical tales. The count of residents is not much like other states, i.e. around 1.3 million, and holds the 9th rank for the least populous states. Financial state of Maine is not good and it comes under the category of states that receive D grade for their economic status. In fact, there are around 10.9% of people who reside under poverty line.

In terms of financial aid, the state has opened the ways for a cash advance so that residents of Maine can tackle their immediate financial crises. But, be careful, it can harm you if you don’t know about every aspect of the contract. Here the limit of payday loan is higher than other areas; $2000, for which the term is not specified in the state laws. The APR for small-dollar loans is capped at 30% along with the finance charges of $5 for the amount less than $75, $15 for the limit of $75 to $250 and it increases to $25 for the loan above $250. The state rules are quite strict and one can only borrow loans from licensed lenders.

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