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Junction City is a city that has acquired around 29.02 km² of land in and the shire seat of Geary County, Kansas, USA. Nearly 20,686 people stay in this city of parks, historical places, lakeside campgrounds, and many. If talking about the mean yearly income in Junction City, then it’s $59,234. And this year proved not so good for the residents over here as, despite growth, it has seen a drop in employment rate by 0.3%. Even after 10 years, the condition can be better with a 20% improvement in job market but that’s too predicted to be lesser than the US median rate of 33.5%. Current poverty rate in the city is 12.01%.

In the city, if you are planning to borrow a small-dollar loan, which is meant for emergencies only due to its nature. Basically, payday loans are for everyone as there is no credit score required nor even any collateral. You must be a dweller of Junction City and your age should be above 18, only then you’re eligible to apply a cash advance of a maximum of $500, a limit set by Kansas. And with just a few shreds of evidence to show your identity & income, you can easily get approval for 7 to 30 days of term.

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