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Great Bend is a city that is situated in 27.54 km² of area, in and the county seat of Barton County, Kansas, USA. Majorly, the industries which dominate the city are wheat processing and oil refining industries. There are nearly 14,882 people live and their mean income of year is $60,743. Moreover, living expenses in the city are also lesser (73.4) than the national average. But still, the poverty rate in Great Bend is 20.35%. It may be the effect of the declining job rate this year which reduced to 2.3% and even after a decade, it can just grow to 15.1% that is around 8% lower than the US average employment rate.


If you want to get some instant cash in Great Bend, then you must know the laws that you’ll need to follow. Firstly, you can’t get more than $500 as a payday loan, it’s according to the rules of Kansas. Charges of loan include APR of around 391% on average and financial cost that can be a maximum of $15. You’ll have to repay your debt on time otherwise heavy extra charges can trap you in the debt cycle. The term can be between 7 to 30 days.

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