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Garden City is a South-West city of Kansas that is also a county seat of Finney County. It rests on the Arkansas River, in the area of 28.32 km² and is known for its agricultural land that grows wheat, grains, sugar beets, and many more. It’s the 15th largest city of Kansas that holds 26,378 of population. Averagely, people in Garden City earn $68,280 but still, there is a 15% poverty rate. As the job growth rate has been increased by 0.2% only, in this recent year, but, after 10 years, it can be 31.1%.


Moving to some rules regarding cash advance that can help you in emergencies when you lack money. To apply for it in the city, you must be a resident of Garden City and must have citizenship or PR of the USA. Like other states, it also has some regulations to follow like, the maximum loan amount can’t exceed $500. Loan repayment time can be 7-30 days in the city, either you’re applying from storefronts or online, rules are same. As the APR for payday loans is usually 3 digit number, here also it’s around 391% for the amount of $100, for 2 weeks. Rollovers are not at all allowed

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