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Atchison is a city in Kansas that is settled in Atchison County, Kansas, USA, and it is beside the Missouri River. The city that is spread over 18.7 km² of area, has around 10,468 of population and made it 35th largest city of the state. Among the overall population, 21.7% of residents live under the poverty line. It might be due to the decline in employment rate over the year by 0.5%, in fact, even after a decade, the growth is predicted to be much lower (12.9%) than the national average (33.5%). Even though the cost of living is lower but still due to less growth in jobs, many people struggle with their daily requirements.


To sort the emergencies, Atchison follows the state rules by allowing payday lenders to offer cash advances to the residents. Even there are many restrictions on this small-dollar loan to save people from the trap of these loans. There is a limit of $500 that you can borrow in the city and that you’ll have to repay in 1-4 weeks. An average interest rate is 391% that you have to refund along with your loan amount, and $15 is the maximum finance charge that any lender can charge.

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