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Shenandoah is a small town in Iowa that is located in Fremont County and Page County, IA, United States. The city that is developed over just 9.7 km² has a current population of just 4,758, with an average family income of $42,910 per annum. Among them, the poverty rate is 16.4%, which is higher than the national rate. In fact, the situation of employment growth is also not good here, as, in the recent year, there has been seen a decrease of 1.3% and even after a decade, job growth can be just 14.8% which would be lesser than the national rate.


Concerning the financial aid to the dwellers of Shenandoah, IA, there are various small loan lenders who provide a maximum amount of $500. It’s specially designed for those with bad credit history and still requires instant monetary help. Application procedure is very convenient here, as you just have to submit a few docs and the approval will be there in just a few minutes. You can get all these services but of course, the rate is also high, i.e. around 337% of annual interest. There is no minimum refunding term specified in the laws but the maximum you can get 31 days.

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