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Red Oak is a very small city that is spread over 10.36 km² in Montgomery County, Iowa, USA. It’s not a very expensive city but as the job growth rate is decreased by 0.4% over the last year, despite any development, the poverty rate leads to 20.22%. Total population of this small town is 5,293, and the median household earnings are $55,908 which is less than the average national family income. Even as per the prediction, vocational development in Red Oak will be just 19%, and that too will be lower than America’s rate.


In case something happens and you need cash on an urgent basis, then what will you do, when your salary date is still far away? If you have savings, then that’s great but as per the poverty rate in the city, it’s difficult to have any backup plans for low-wage workers. That’s why here’s an option for them, that is, a payday loan. You can apply for a loan amount of $500 or less. It doesn’t demand any credit check so anyone with a fixed monthly salary can apply for it. Mean APR in Red Oak is between 300% and 400%. You’ll need to refund your whole debt in 31 days in a single payment.

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