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Lawler is a very small town in Iowa, that is settled over just a 2.31 km² of land, in Chickasaw County, IA, USA. Currently, only 409 people live there, whose average family income is around $61,704. Majorly, people work in Educational field, Housing & Food Services, Transportation, Medical care, and Finance too. Considering the job market, there’s not much surge has been seen across the year, it’s just 1%. And as per the prediction, it can grow to be 28.8% but still lack to reach the national average.


In Lawler, there are a very small number of people who reside, but it doesn’t mean they can’t have financial alarms in their lives. So, the payday lending system is legal here and as a citizen, you can acquire a loan maximum of $500 which you’ll need to refund in one payment only along with interest rate. The cost to finance your loan can be up to $15 for the first $100, after that it would be $10. According to the state rules, the term limit is just a month, which means your repayment time will lie from a day to 31 days because there’s no minimum term specified in the laws.

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