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Bettendorf, the 15th largest city in Iowa, USA, is located in Scott County. It’s also one of the Quad cities and holds 4th rank among largest ones in that. There, about 36,949 people live in the city with a poverty rate of 5.93%. If concerning about the median family income in Bettendorf, then it’s $100,629. Over the last year, only 1.7% of development in the job market can be seen, and even after a decade, it would be 29.5%, according to the prediction. It means now & then, the job growth rate is going to be lower than the USA average.

Looking for a small lending firm in Bettendorf? If yes then you’re in the right place. There are various online & in-front loan makers to offer different products but state rules are the same for all. Hence, $500 is the upper limit of loan, no one can borrow above that, either you have a good score or bad, it doesn’t do partiality among the customers. A month is a maximum term that is provided to pay back the whole debt in a single installment. Try to find a better deal by consulting 2-3 lending firms prior to choosing one.

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