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Blackfoot that is once known as the ‘Potato Capital of the world’ is a very small city in Idaho, USA. It is established in just 16.08 km² of land in Bingham County. But with a population of around 12K, it becomes the 21st largest city in the state. In Blackfoot, the employment rate has been increased by 1.4% in last year that is lower than the US average (3.7%). But it is prophesied to grow to be 39.6% after 10 years, whereas national prediction is lower than this (33.5%). Residents over there have a median income of $54,942 yearly and 15.43% of people live in poverty.


Have you thought, what will people do who have just earnings to fulfill their daily needs, when there is some sudden requirement of cash? As a citizen of Blackfoot, ID, you can acquire payday loans, when you left with no option. But the loan is costly and there are no strict rules regarding the limit of term and interest rate that can reach 650% as well. You can get up to $1000 at a time and three rollovers are also allotted but it’s not suggested, as it will increase your interest rate even more. Therefore, choose this only when your need is genuine, not for fun.

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