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Waianae is an 18.2 km² city that is settled in Honolulu County, Hawaii, USA. It’s a census-designated area, where around 14,054 people reside. Majorly, the city is popular for its marine life and potency of its waters, which comprises dolphins, various species of whales, turtles, coral banks, and tropical fish. The median household earnings in Waianae is nearly $77,562 and leads to a poverty rate of 27%. Like a few other cities of Hawaii, its job growth rate is also not great, last year witnessed just a 0.2% surge in it. Though after 10 years, it can be 31.1% which is still lower than the national median.


If you’re a dweller of Waianae and struggling with some financial crises then you can take help from small-dollar lenders, who have a license to lend money at short-term – Payday loans. Application process is extremely easy and convenient for all, as with just in few clicks, cash would be in your account. As per the state laws, you’re allowed to apply for a $600 maximum, which you’ll need to pay within 32 days (exact term relies on amount & your next paycheck). How expensive it is? In Waianae, the APR is 460% on average that usually loan makers charge but it may vary.

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