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Connecticut, a  southernmost state of the United States of America is located in the New England territory. This region of the country is very interesting as it’s home to many things that were first invented there such as hamburgers,  telephone books, color TV, Polaroid camera, a nuclear-powered submarine, and helicopter. With 3.7 million population, the state has nearly a 10% poverty rate which obviously affects the economy as well. The prominent source of income for the residence if Connecticut is agriculture either is dairy farming or poultry.

Moving towards financial help, the state has some fixed rules for short-term loans under which payday or cash advance loans get dismissed. As per the order, the APR is capped to 12% on all kinds of loans. No worries if your credit score is not good and you’re not qualified for traditional loans. Still, there are some other ways to get instant cash, for instance, small installment loans that can provide you an amount of $1000 to $5000, and the refunding term is also a few months or years in small and fixed installments, unlike payday loans. But, you must be aware of your rights and rules before applying for these short-term loans to avoid.


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Avon, CT
Bridgeport, CT
Greenwich, CT
Groton, CT
Hamden, CT
Hartford, CT

Manchester, CT
Middletown, CT
New Haven, CT
New London, CT
Newtown, CT
Norwalk, CT

Ridgefield, CT
Stamford, CT
Waterbury, CT
West Haven, CT
Windsor, CT

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