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Longmont is a city that is set in Boulder and Weld counties in Colorado, America. It is exactly situated in the North-West region in the state along with a population of 99,381. This 13th largest city is established over 78.74 km². There are various spots to attract visitors like vibrant restaurants, parks, and various art galleries. The city is suffering from a 13% poverty rate and it might be due to the high living expenses. Longmont has witnessed a 2.7% growth in the job market, in the recent year (quite less than US median), though, in future, it is estimated to be 10.5% higher than the national average.


If you are looking for some monetary help in Colorado then you’re in the right place. As per the Colorado rules, Longmont has authorized the small-dollar loans. No doubt, payday loans are expensive and can trap you in a debt cycle, that’s why there are some restrictions on the limit of term, amount, and rate. No amount greater than $500 can be borrowed at once. Interest rate is set to 36% only but along with monthly maintenance cost up to $30. As the minimum term limit is 6 months but yes, there are some exceptionals also in case your amount is very less.

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