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Golden, a city in Colorado, and as its name suggest, was a gold rush town earlier which is settled at the foothills of Rocky Mountains, CO, USA. It’s a city that is spread over 25.2 km² of area, where the current population is 16,534. Now, the city is popular for its Coors brewery and Mining school. Concerning employment, in the last year, it has seen quite less as there was just a 2.8% increase in the job market, but in the coming ten years, it can be 44.3% and that would be higher than the US average. 16.8% of population, is not earning much and sometimes has to struggle with daily basic needs too.


If your salary is late this month, but you need to pay your utility bills or any sudden medical charges, then you can opt for payday loans if there is no other option. Don’t worry about credit history even, as it doesn’t matter in approval. Loan’s approval is based on your monthly fixed income. In Golden, CO, you can borrow a maximum of $500 and there is some relaxation in an interest rate for borrowers as it’s fixed to 36% despite 3-digits APR. But still, the minimum term is of 6 months so you need to pay monthly maintenance also.

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