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Fort Collins is a big city in Colorado that is located in northern region of the state. It’s famous for its ancient look where many houses, cafes, restaurants give an old and vintage appearance to the town. Not only this but the fact is, it created 70% of craft beer in the state, alone. Fort Collins is a residential area of 337,000 people, and one of the best places to reside in the USA, especially for families. Moving towards the job growth rate, then in the last year, there has a rise of 3.5% and opportunely, it is predicted to be 51.8% in the following decade.


Though even after a great job rate, it doesn’t mean that you can’t face issues in life as a dweller of Fort Collins. That’s why the city has allowed payday loans from genuine lending firms but with a few strict restrictions over terms, amounts, and rates. It’s a cash advance that you need to pay back on next paycheck in one installment with interest, which leads to trapping people in a debt cycle, that’s why the term has been increased by the state and now it’s 6 months at least and APR is capped to 36%.

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