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Upper Lake is a census-designated place (CDP) in Lake County, California, with a population of just 896 people. The picturesque and provincial little village of Upper Lake, located roughly 140 miles north of San Francisco by vehicle, is renowned as “the Entryway to Mendocino National Forest,” and is your gateway to award-winning high-altitude wines, boating, great cuisine, and luxury. Upper Lake has a poverty rate of 10.38 percent and an average family income of $56,088. The city’s highest-paying and most important industries include arts, leisure, recreation, managerial, support, and wastewater treatment services.

Requesting, confirming, and depositing a cash advance are three simple procedures to offering financial support to persons in need in Upper Lake. Auto-debit payments are handy, but funds must be available at the time of deduction to avoid additional fees like NSF fees. As a reason, state law sets a maximum of 31 days for these loans. A maximum loan fee of 15% applies to each $100 borrowed at a 460 percent annual percentage rate. Apart from that, the APR may be subject to interest charges of up to $15. All you have to do now is hand over all of your documents, including valid identification and eligibility requirements.

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