In Solano County, California, there’s a beautiful city, Fairfield which is the county seat of that area. It is located in the San Francisco Bay Area’s North Bay sub-region. Fairfield has a varied industrial and commercial sector that employs people from many walks of life. The city has a poverty rate of 8.6 percent, with a population of about 108,321. Fairfield County, with an average household income of $106,406, is one of the most costly areas in California to support a family. Moreover, if any sudden financial urgency occurs, then it can affect your whole budget.

So in any case, if you feel as if you’ve run out of money and have no other choices. Then don’t worry because Fairfield has approved payday loans in compliance with state rules, but with strict limits in place to protect citizens from becoming indebted. For starters, it’s limited to a maximum of $300. The maximum length of these short-term loans is one month, with a maximum financing fee of 15% per $100 borrowed and an annual percentage rate of 460 percent. Furthermore, a $15 fine for insufficient cash is allowed; unlawful actions are prohibited in any instances. As a consequence, you’ll be able to come to an informed decision.

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