Desert Hot Springs is a city in Riverside County, California, United States. The city is located within the Coachella Valley geographic region, sometimes referred to as the Desert Empire. This healing oasis is home to some of the purest hot and cold mineral springs in the world thanks to an underground aquifer beneath the city. It’s the home of around 29,004 people, whose average household income is $46,178, with a poverty rate of 31.06%. 

Luckily, Desert Hot Springs has a number of programs in place to assist residents with their financial problems. To assist consumers,  Desert Hot Springs has allowed payday loans in specific circumstances and put a $300 cap on the total amount of payday loans available in California. These short-term loans feature a 31-day repayment period and a 460 % annual percentage rate (APR), with a maximum finance charge of 15% per $100. In addition, a $15 fine is permitted for inadequate funds; illegal acts are banned in all cases. As a consequence, you’ll be more ready to alter your mind; nevertheless, you must be confident that the refund will be issued promptly; otherwise, you risk getting into serious problems.

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