Clear Lake is a beautiful freshwater lake located in Lake County, California, in the United States.  It’s North America’s oldest lake, dating back 2.5 million years. Watersports such as swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding, sailing, boat racing, and jet skiing are popular on Clear Lake because of their wide, warm water. Clearlake is home to 15,091 people, with a poverty rate of 32.98 percent and an average family income of $42,125.

That is why Clear Lake offers individuals who want quick financial help short-term loans, like payday loans. When applying for an easy cash loan in the town, you must show that you are a legal American resident who lives in the state and that your earnings are constant. In California, a payday loan can be for up to $300 and the term is a maximum of a month, with a maximum interest rate of 15% on each $100 borrowed. Furthermore, there are no additional fees associated with refinancing a loan. Repossessions, as well as cooling-off periods between loans, are not authorized, and only one current loan can be held at any given time.

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