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A very small town of Alabama, named Eight Mile is not formed into a legal corporation and located in Mobile County. In this small area, only 3,055 people reside and make it the 162nd largest state in Alabama, in other words, a smaller place. The average income of the residents here is about $21,597 due to which 40% of them live in poverty. Moreover, the expenses of basic things also rose up to 1.3% just in a year. So it’s very clear that there might be many such people who find it difficult to fill the gap between their two consecutive salaries.


To provide a helping hand to them when they feel a need for financial assistance, payday lenders are there to lend some cash for such scenarios until the next salary. There are some basic conditions to fulfill to borrow cash such as you must be a citizen of the US, age must be over 18 and you have to provide details of working checking account. After this just by filling the application form, you’ll get instant approval and cash in just a day. You can borrow loan up to $500 and can acquire 2 loans at a time.

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