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Chatom, a town that is lodged in a 27.76 km² area in the US state, Alabama. It’s situated in Washington County with just a few numbers of citizens (1,188). No doubt, it’s the 241st largest city in the state. Most of the residents over there, work in industries like Educational Services, Health Care & Social Assistance, Public Administration, and Manufacturing, which are some of the highest paying enterprises. Moreover, the economic growth rate of Chatom is as high as 43.6% annually. Though it doesn’t mean that you can’t face any issue related to money because life is so inconstant.

That’s why Chatom has sanctioned payday loans to offer financial support to citizens. But it can be helpful only when handled wisely, otherwise, it can prove as harsher to you because of its high cost. As an average APR is around 300-500% plus there would be finance costs of a maximum of 17.5% also. If your account doesn’t have enough money on the day of repayment then there would be an NSF (Non- Sufficient Fund) of $30. Hence, always try to payback on time but by chance, if you think you’re unable to refund then you can rollover your loan once.

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