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Bayou La Batre is a very small city in Alabama, that is situated in Mobile County in just 19.76 km² of area. It is also covered in the Mobile metropolitan statistical region. In this small area, nearly 2,473 people live and ranked 153rd among the largest cities in the state, Alabama. It is also known as a fishing village that is famous for its seafood and also named as ‘Seafood Capitol of Alabama’ due to a huge packaging of seafood. It’s the main center of shipbuilding. This is how most of the people earn their bread and butter and contribute raise the economy.


But still, it doesn’t give a guarantee of a balanced financial condition, that’s why it follows the state rules regarding small-term loans in the city. In terms of charges, Bayou La Batre is very clear with its laws, as it follows:
You can get an amount from $30 to $500 and the terms totally depend upon your loan amount and lender, otherwise, it is usually 14 days. Whereas, the finance charges can lie between $15 and $30 for every $100. The average real APR in Bayou La Batre is around 400%.

These small-dollar loans are best if you need instant approval, quick cash, no-credit-check, and 24/7 service in the city.

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