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Payday loans, a quick and convenient way to lend money even with low or bad credit scores. A particular focus is put into seamlessly writing the articles to give the reader a sense of trust. An informative and conversational tone has been used in the article.

Key Points – In this article we will see how you can get a payday loan without a credit score; and how to use a payday loan to improve your credit score.

We have all been there. Our rational or irrational actions caused our credit score to decrease. A credit score is a crucial matrix to determine how responsible we are in returning the money lent to us. It is therefore vitally important to have a high credit score to get a new loan approved.

But what if you have a bad credit score? Major financial corporations do not trust you any more to lend you credit. So, how can you improve your credit score if no one lends you money? That is where quick cash loans like Payday loans come into play.

This article will discuss what payday loans are and how they can actually contribute to improving your credit score.

payday loans no credit check

How is credit score calculated?

The three major credit bureaus Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion, have many criteria in scoring credit. In general, a lot of weight is put into credit history, recent card activity and credit utilization.

Generally, a good credit score is considered to have more than 800 points and anything below 300 is considered to be a poor credit score.

What is Payday loan, and how does it affect credit score?

A payday loan is a short term loan that is given with no credit check. It is a form of quick cash loan that anyone can take, no matter their credit score. This makes payday loans super convenient for anyone who needs an infusion of cash. Payday loans are also quick to process and have a minimum requirement to get approval.

Requirements for a Payday loan

  1. Fixed income
  2. Account

Payday loans may not directly affect your credit score, as many of the payday lenders do not report daily. However, they are collected by other special credit reporting agencies and just like any other borrowing; payday loans will appear on your credit report over time. More often than not, payday loans are short-term loans and paid back within a few days, which positively affects your credit score. Lenders will take this into account, and it will help you get much larger loans in the future.

But, not returning payday loans will negatively affect your credit score. It is possible that your file will be reported by a debt collector, negatively affecting your credit score.

Will my credit score decrease for taking out payday loans?

No, taking a payday loan is not a bad thing, and it will negatively affect your credit score. If you, however, do not return your payday loan on time, it will affect your score. But as most payday lenders do not report daily, you may get away missing the deadlines for a few days, but it is strongly advisable to return your payday loans on time.

Tips for using payday loans to improve credit score

A payday loan is an effective short term infusion of cash to help you out. We discussed how payday loans could positively affect your credit score. Here is a list of tips that will help you in maximizing your credit score using payday loans. They are good practices for your financial health, but credit score depends on numerous factors. Here are just to name a few.

Do not take multiple payday loans.

Everyone can have a bad patch in life, and you may not be able to pay off your loan. In such a case, most prominent payday lenders will offer you an extension. But borrowing money to pay the loan, especially at these rates, is not advisable and may affect your credit score negatively if you have multiple payday loans by your name. Remember, a payday loan is a short term solution for your financial problem and not a long term solution.

Do not make multiple payday loan applications at once.

Multiple applications for payday loans may be considered as a red flag by lenders. Payday loan is a way of getting quick cash; there is no need for multiple applications for that. It may question your intentions and willingness to pay back the money, so one application at a time.

Be sure to pay back your payday loan on time.

Like any other loan, be sure you are capable of returning the money on time. Many people consider payday loans as a trap for lenders to enforce lum sum of interest, which in reality is not true at all. Like any credit loan, a payday loan is an effective means to use cash to help you out in different situations. You have to be innovative and always have the mindset to clear your loans; this practice will surely help you financially and positively affect your credit score.

Closing words

The main giveaway in this article is, does payday loan affect credit score?

The answer is Yes; it can affect your credit score both positively and negatively. If you are sincere with your payday loans and use it as a means of quick cash loan and effectively clear it on the due day, lenders will have confidence in you, and your credit score will improve.

However, suppose you think lenders may not report daily and try to seize the opportunity and show signs of not being willing to clear your payday loan or have multiple payday loans under your name. In that case, it will negatively impact your score and decrease it.

So, it is up to you how you want a payday loan to affect you. Have any more questions? Write in the comment section and we will get back to you.

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